Presets for GoPro Pictures (JPEGs)

which have been taken while snorkeling or free diving in shallow waters.
Preset: “GoPro Shallow Strong Contrast JPEG”
Preset “GoPro Super Shallow Minus Orange JPEG”

Preset: “GoPro Shallow Strong Contrast JPEG”

Revive colors

We all know, colors are lost underwater. Cameras have therefore difficulties in capturing colorful Images. These customized presets will help you to revive some of the lost colors and to make your pictures shine again!

  • You can choose between Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Classic (Desktop) versions of the preset
  • These presets work best in shallow coastal waters with good light conditions
  • Includes 4 different presets
    – Shallow Water Light Blue
    – Shallow Water Dark Blue
    – Super Shallow Minus Orange
    – Super Shallow Strong Contrast
  • Includes basic instructions on how to install the presets to your application
Preset: “GoPro Shallow Light Blue JPEG”

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