Ecodive Bali, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center.

Bali Diving Instructor Course with Shayne Ng and Ecodive Bali a PADI 5 Star IDC

PADI has many good Course Directors who can lead you through the IDC to IE and help you to successfully accomplish this mission. Becoming a Course Director is a long and difficult process; they have to meet so many requirements to be sure they know what are they doing.

So why choose Shayne? 

Possibly you think that the most important thing is to pass the instructor exam, when actually it’s more about learning to be a successful instructor. During our IDC we will give you all the support needed to reach this goal. We will do a lot of workshops on topics such as the psychology of diving, risk management, sales etc. and will talk about common problems and how to solve them.

We are not only teaching you how to pass the Instructor Exam, we are preparing you for your dream job. Choose us and get fully prepared for your future life!

IDC and IE Prerequisites

To enter our IDC you must be a PADI Divemaster, or equivalent, and have a current first aid and CPR certification. Current means simply that it has been issued or refreshed within the last 24 months. If this is not the case we can include the EFR course in your package.

You will need a minimum of 100 dives and have proof that you are medically fit for diving. Doctors clearance can be obtained in Bali for less than $15, however, we strongly recommend a thorough examination from a diving specialist whenever possible. You must have this done before starting the IDC; there will be little time during the program and you will not be allowed to participate in in-water training without it.

Past these basic requirements, there are some other expectations: your dive skills must be at a level expected of a professional diver and you must have a reasonable understanding of Dive Theory. This can achieve by using the PADI Diver Knowledge Workbook and Encyclopedia. Alternatively, an online solution is PADI’s dive theory available through e-Learning.

If you are not sure of your dive theory knowledge, ask for a free evaluation. We make these available to you when we receive your booking. If properly prepared the IDC will be a fun program. Those who show up unprepared are setting themselves up for a lot of extra work and the program will be less enjoyable.

What does it cost?

This is an important question as it is a significant investment for any diver. Instructor Development Courses are made up of several costs: dive center charges, PADI fees, and IDC materials.

Course materials, referred to as crew packs, may vary in price depending on where you buy them. We do not aim to profit on these and you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. It can take some time to obtain crew packs in languages other than English so please give us as much warning as possible.

The courses The two primary courses are the IDC and EFR Instructor programs.  See below for these course costs. You may also wish to enroll in Specialty Instructor and/or Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) courses.  Please ask us for more info about these.

PADI charges are made up of examination and registration fees. See below for a breakdown. These fees are payable directly to PADI by cheque or credit card on the first day of your IE.

Briefly summarized your costs are:

Instructor Development Course $1,995 USD
  – includes EFR Instructor Course
  – IDC crew pack
  – IDC eLearning
  – EFR Instructor Manual
 Total $1,995 USD
 PADI IE Fee $975AUD*
 PADI Instructor Application Fee $280AUD*
 EFR Instructor Fee $193AUD*

*Please note that PADI fees are quoted in AUD (Australian dollars) and are to be paid directly to PADI ASIA PACIFIC.