GoPro LUTs for Underwater Video

We have all been there:
Coming back from the ocean after a dive and going through our videos. Often the results are rather unsatisfying…

Action Cameras deliver beautiful colors on land,
but once you take your small camera underwater, colors tend to fade out.

Hi Guys!

My name is Joe Keller and I will help you to restore some of your lost underwater colors. I have been practicing underwater videography for over 4 years now and used all sorts of cameras, from Action Cameras to DSLRs.

Honestly, I have never touched GoPros since I started my career as an underwater videographer 4 years ago.

When I used one for the first time, I was not satisfied with the colors at all.
But hey, let’s be honest: the camera is small, handy, and easy to take underwater.


Don’t expect “big camera” results!
Anyways, Apps like “dive+” were never an option for me to use, as I can not adjust anything manually and I would have to pay in order to get rid of the watermark.
Therefore I came up with some Premiere Pro LUTs to help everyone to get a little bit more out of their GoPro Videos.

  • ready to use LUTs for Adobe Premiere Pro
  • NO watermarks
  • adjustable settings (check out the guide)

9,99 $


The LUTs are totally for free for now…

…but I would really appreciate it if you could join me on my social platforms to share your thoughts and ideas with me.
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